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For the prof #225lols

We have been invited by @HallyMk1 to contribute some songs to the open playlist to accompany his eagerly awaited inaugural professorial lecture: 2+2=5: The university and the secular crisis Well, I added a few and thought I’d share the thoughts … Continue reading

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Protected: My position on climate change and its modelling

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Statistics, rain, flooding and climate?

Discussing the causes and effects of climate change tends to be emotive.  Even more so on social media than in person, it seems.  A playful prance through the first page of results from Google searching “climate change blog” can convince … Continue reading

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Lots of agents

Continuing to stress test the simulation a little.  Running with 45,000 households connected to 3 electricity supplier aggregator agents, with a further 50 or so macro level aggregators representing big generators is presenting no problem.  The households are running their … Continue reading

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Long running simulation

Been doing a bit of stress testing of my Agent Based Modelling (ABM) simulation. This time for length of simulation run. I’m happy to report that our simulation gobbles memory only very slowly, if at all. Its timestep is half-hourly … Continue reading

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Adventures with my Pi (part 1 of…)

Bit of a techie post, this. Mainly for my records, although it might help anyone who has a very similar problem I have had some fun over the last week or so becoming a bit more familiar with the software … Continue reading

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Markov chains, lottery misses and twitter

Yet again,  I’ve been drawn into looking at a little maths problem by an off-hand twitter remark. Mathematicians, so @MrScottGibson… what are the chances of getting not a single lottery number (bonus included) in five straight draws? — Tony Hodson … Continue reading

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Nesta Dynamic Demand Challenge Hackathon

I have finally got around to writing this up after a holiday and an extremely busy week! On 18th / 19th October, I attended the Nesta Dynamic Demand hackathon with Dr. Peter Boait, my colleague at the Institute of Energy … Continue reading

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PV adoption in response to Feed in Tariff : a video visualisation across time and space

I have decided to post a little visualisation of an element of my research here. As part of parameterising a model on technology adoption in the Smart Grid, I have analysed the uptake of technology in response to the Feed … Continue reading

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Scale – the modeller’s recurring dream…

I just had a look at the most recent BP Statistical review of World Energy. As usual it makes interesting reading – condensing the world’s energy appetites into a bite-sized summary. In my work, I am engaged with modelling people’s … Continue reading

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