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In which I think about relative importance

I have been thinking a lot recently about the relative importance, or weighting, that people give to various activities in their own lives and the lives of others. It’s an area in which I am not particularly well versed and … Continue reading

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Identifying a polynomial

A tweet has got me musing again. @ColinTheMathmo sent out a tweet making a seemingly audacious claim that from just two data points he could deduce all the coefficients and powers in a polynomial that you had defined as long … Continue reading

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Sums of consecutive integers

This post is inspired by a tweet from @standupmaths who sends out puzzles tagged #mathspuzzle irregularly but fairly frequently. I won’t put out any spoilers on the blog, but once the solution is out on twitter, I may occasionally muse … Continue reading

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What you can expect to see here

You can expect musings on a range of subjects on here. Mainly, I’m likely to post on politics and political philosophy or mathematical puzzles and trickery. The former is more likely to be controversial than the latter, I would imagine. … Continue reading

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Trying out the DMU commons site

I was introduced to this site thorugh a couple of DMU colleagues who I met in cyberspace via twitter (HallyMk1 and c3iq).  HallyMk1 in particular encouraged me to set up a site, so here it is.  Layout etc. will no doubt … Continue reading

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