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My name is Richard Snape, I’m a PhD student at De montfort University. My official DMU page is here – I’ll update this “About me” once I’ve got the blog up and running – Richard’s IESD page

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  1. Miro Feliciano says:

    Well, i did not know how else to reach you so im trying it here.
    Im a geophysics student in Brazil and just learning how to use python(started this semester) and i saw your comment on this post (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33569626/matplotlib-responding-to-click-events)
    and im searching, but finding nowhere, on how i would store the clicks i do as coordinates. It is for a project im doing on how to calculate the gravimetric effect of a rectangular prism. I could just set fixed coordinates myself but i found the idea of drawing the lines very nice so i thought i could draw them and then showing the effect of it, well i hope you can help me,
    Miro Feliciano

  2. LieleiChen says:

    Hello,sorry to bother you.I’m a postgraduate of Nanjing University.I browsed the StackOverFlow and saw your answer about Scopus API.Recently I’m learning how to use Scopus API in support of my academic research.I have got my API Key,but I don’t know how to start coding.I have downloaded some demos from GitHub but I have no idea to run them.Shall I install the IDE for Python coding or just use F12 developer tools of Google Chrome? I’m looking forward to your help.Thanks!

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