Long running simulation

Been doing a bit of stress testing of my Agent Based Modelling (ABM) simulation. This time for length of simulation run. I’m happy to report that our simulation gobbles memory only very slowly, if at all. Its timestep is half-hourly and it has happily run with a thousand households and some 20 or so other agents for a simulated 171 years (3 million ticks) without crashing or hitting any memory limits. Nice to confirm that. The computational load in each agent is fairly low – they each do a fairly simple optimisation every day (48 timesteps) and a bit of data i/o. Still – nice to see it working well.  As our simulation horizon is likely to be 2080, if that, this should be sufficient.

Screenshot of simulation window after 3 million ticks

Simluation window – see top right – 3 million ticks

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